Kiwi Power Bank Navy Blue

Kiwi Power Bank Navy Blue

Kiwi was created with the aim of providing a viable alternative for people who want to quit smoking, matching the health benefits of electronic cigarettes with the ability to replicate a traditional cigarette shot. 

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Kiwi Power Bank of 1650 mAh for charging, this will allow you to face the day easily without having to rush to charge the battery. Thanks to this fantastic Powerbank, your Kiwi will always have excellent autonomy, equipped with a Case with a convenient Magnetic coupling, to be carried with you at any time of the day

> A magnetic charging system allows you to recharge the KIWI™ Pen
> Impact protecion
> Unhandy buttons are replaced by a soft touch technology
> Quick and essential use
> 1450 mAh battery
> Rechargeable via USB-C cable

Specifications :

> POWER BANK 1650 mAh

Package Includes:

1x Kiwi Power Bank
1x USB-C cable
1x User Manual


How To Use Guide:

The 1500mAh magnetic Powerbank can charge the POD and is rechargeable via USB-C. There are also 3 LEDs that light up to provide various information about the device.

Turning on the Powerbank:
Touch the single soft-touch button 5 times to turn on the Powerbank. During power up, the three indicator lights will flash 5 times to indicate the start of the device.

Powerbank battery status:
It is possible to see the battery status trough the 3 LEDs that turn on and off by touching the soft-touch button. The LEDs in this way allow you to see the battery charge status.

More Information
Battery capacity1450mAh
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