PS Innovator Coils 3Pcs 0.6

PS Innovator Coils 3Pcs 0.6

Replacement Coils for the PS Innovator. Optimised for all e-liquid types.   

Regularly changing your coil will ensure the Innovator continues to deliver a high-performance vaping experience.

The high resistance 0.6ohm coils are ideal with our Podsalt Nicotine Salt e-liquids.

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Replacement Coils are made exclusively for the PS Innovator.

When to change your coil largely depends on how often you use your Innovator. We suggest every 1-2 weeks, however, a deterioration in the taste quality usually indicates a change needs to be made.

To replace your coil, firstly unscrew the top of the Innovator to expose the existing coil. At this point, we recommend that you empty the tank of any remaining e-liquid. Next, remove the used coil and replace with a new one. Once secure, fill your tank with e-liquid through the Kidney holes at the top of the coil. Finally, screw the top back onto the Innovator to complete the process. Before using, we recommend that you wait for around 20 minutes to ensure the coil is primed and the wick is fully saturated. For further advice and/or instructions, please refer to the Innovator user guide.

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